1901 Census

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Census History

Full censuses have been taken in the United Kingdom every ten years since 1801 with the exception of 1941 due to the second world war.  In addition to this there was no census taken in Northern Ireland and the Irish Free State in 1921.  The first four censuses i.e. from 1801-1831 were taken for statistical purposes and not for any personal information. Consequently most of the census records for the 1801, 1811, 1821 and 1831 censuses were lost or destroyed after the statistical information was used.

Some of the early pre 1841 census records have survived and some of these listings do include some personal information.  The FamilyHistory.co.uk website has a page dedicated to the 1801-1831 census records at this page – pre 1841 Census Records.

This website is dedicated to the 1901 Census UK, although you will find links to the other censuses taken from 1841 to 1911.  The next census to be released is the 1921 Census but this is not expected to be released until 2021.  There have been petitions to have the 1921 Census released early but so far these efforts have been to no avail.

An edwardian lady shortly after 1901

Edwardian Lady

1901 Census

The victorian era came to an end on 22 January 1901 with the death of Queen Victoria.  She died at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight at the age of 81.  She had reigned for 63 years 7 months and 2 days having ascended to the throne on 20th June 1837.  Her son Edward VII ascended to the throne on 22 January 1901 at the age of 59.  He reigned for nine years until his death on 6 May 1910.
The UK 1901 Censusdate was the night of 31 March 1901.  The Census gives us the details of 32,527,813 people in England and Wales.  This census gives us an excellent opportunity to look back and understand the lives of our ancestors as the 1900s began.  Things were changing.  1901 heralded the start of state pensions for widows and orphans of ordinary soldiers killed on active service.  This was followed by state old age pensions in 1909.  No entries were made for soldiers serving in South Africa on census night in 1901.
The 1901 Census has been split into 5 regions of the UK.  When conducting a search it is possible to link directly to the 1901 English Census, 1901 Scottish Census, 1901 Wales Census, 1901 Isle of Man Census and 1901 Channel Islands Census.