1841 Census

The date of the1841 UK Census was the night of 6 June 1841.  For the first time personal information was recorded including Name, Age (for those over 15 this was rounded to the nearest 5 years), Occupation, and whether the person was born ‘in county’, ‘elsewhere in the UK’ or in ‘foreign parts’.

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1841 England Census

1841 Scotland Census

1841 Wales Census

1841 Isle of Man Census

1841 Channel Islands Census

1841 and 1851 Census Abstracts for Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland

We are able to provide links to some census abstract records for 1841 and 1851 for Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland:

Ireland: 1841/1851 Census Abstracts (Northern Ireland)

Ireland: 1841/1851 Census Abstracts (Republic of Ireland)